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Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs Review

These are generally recognized as the finest shoe for the women nurses. The nurses like these clogs for the safety, style, imprinted floral comfort features along with the long-lasting stability they offer to the imprinted floral designs to the American Podiatric Medical Association from the Seal of Acceptance, the clogs are constructed to keeping in mind the high-quality standards.The traditional Dansko women’s professional clogs syndicate the quality as well as the strength of European footwear using lightweight suppleness and the support.


Best Shoes for Nurses

Dansko clogs for women are prepared from the best materials and using the construction techniques available. The designs of the clogs offer extreme support to care for the legs, feet as well as the back for the duration of hours of stand-up and help the users to accomplish a hale and hearty, balanced body. Above everything the different styles along with the type of clogs, the Dansko company manufactures, the line of the Dansko women professional clogs is the most prevalent among the medical experts. Let’s have a look what these clogs offer regarding performance, appearance, and technology, etc.

Main Specs:

Shoes: Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs

Weight: Approximately 3 pounds

Material: Leather

Colors: Available in variety of colors

Sizes: Ranging from 35 to 43

Retail Price: The price varies from $55.99 to $174.95

Fit: True to Size

Best Places to Buy: Amazon


Dansko clogs are commonly famous for the style, comfort, and quality they offer. Dansko women professional clogs are constructed so well that the consumers of these shoes have been known to grip on to the clogs for several years. Frequently these same clients will get a new pair of clogs to complete the old ones even yet the old ones are in good condition.


The clogs have an excellent quality leather upper that is considerably better for the feet paralleled to the synthetics used in other footwear. The genuine and natural leather is not only breathable however it also outlines to the shape of the foot. Diverse designs of the clogs can put up several types of foot.

Densko 001

Toe Box:

Durable thermoplastic support improves toe durability as well as the protection. It is wider and deeper than many other clogs, letting the toes to move restfully and feel comfortable.

Heel Counter:

The heel counter of the women’s professional clogs is prepared from the thermoplastic urethane mechanism a shoe horn, consenting the clog’s heel to move quickly while walking. The bar of the shoe also offers the adjacent stability that is not offered by most clogs.



The clogs have leather over cell foam shoe pad that mitigates the feet as well as evaporates sweat, thus keeping the feet dry. The footbed of the clogs also provides an excellent arch-support which consents even dispersal of weight along the entire foot, avoiding the rolling of the feet. The footbed support further more keeps the foot aligned properly.

Inner Frame:

The inner polypropylene frame of women’s professional clogs offers firmness, reduces torque along with providing the lateral stability.



The rocker bottom most outsole of the clogs is designed to promote and support the regular walking gesture, thus pampering the knees, feet,  hips as well as the back. Furthermore, the clog’s outsole offers the shock wave stability and absorption that our body requires. The slip resistant feature of these clogs makes it an ideal selection for the individuals who work on wet and slippery floors.

The Tech:

  • Brilliant rich support for the all-day support and comfort.
  • The padded instep collar of the clogs is responsible for support while walking.
  • The breathable PU foam footbed offers temperature control.

The rocker bottom of the professional women’s clogs moderate exhaustion and delivers shock absorption similar to athletic footwear.


Whether you are a nurse whose working an additional exhausting twelve-hour shift, a medical student that is rotating over the various medical rotations, or a specialist who must stay on the top of the game at all times, the feet will rapidly let you know if they are painful. Restless feet will make the day rough, and we are all aware how that upset sour concentration, mood, and personality.

Arch Support and Firm Foot:

The Dansko women’s professional clogs are eminent by its excellent shape, which follows the primary reliefs of the foot. The upper design of the shoe is finished using the premier quality leather along with a padded instep collar that gives the user enhanced support. The contoured midsole of the clogs secures the foot.

Greater Shock Absorption:

Similar to an athletic shoe, Dansko clogs have a rubber outsole that increases motion control and cushioning. Contrary to numerous other products, polyurethane outsoles offer durable and dense cushioning material. Although the polyurethane can enhance the stability of the Dansko women clogs, it moreover adds heft and weight.

Anti-Fatigue Bottom:

The bottom of the sole boosts the feet forward while walking as well as it has a broader heel to offer greater stability. The blend will keep the wearer going all-day long.

Spacious Toe Box:

Who does not want the toes to be at ease? The durable design of the professional women clogs along with the thermoplastic polymer of the clogs add toe protection, durability, as well as provide enough room to shake the toes.

Price vs. Quality:

The Dansko women professional clogs are bit expensive than the regular shoes, but the comfort and performance they offer to the wearer they are worth the price.


Final Verdict:

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog has all the elements to match the perfect factors for an excellent footwear. You look marvelous both in casual as well as in professional look, making you happy in any place or at any occasion. Something many footwear consumers will like about these clogs is the additional toe room! Yes, these Dansko’s come with a reinforced toe box which makes a huge difference on long shifts and standing times.The Dansko women Professional clogs come in over 30 different shades which mean nearly anyone will be able to find the picture-perfect look for them.So get a Dansko Women’s Professional Clog which is dead-on for you and the professional endeavors.

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