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Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Forever

If you are a basketball lover then you are constantly looking for the best outdoor basketball shoes for your needs. The sad news for you is that it is not easy to find the best outdoor basketball shoes. The shoe itself is a tough product to find for everyone’s need given that it comes in different sizes and shapes. I remember that last time I went to Nike and couldn’t find my perfect size of a shoe that I really loved. The scenario is the same everywhere and it is crueler in the category of the best outdoor basketball shoes. Well, you will be happy to know that we did a research about this whole scenario and we came up with eleven solutions for you guys.

These solutions are evident and these will fit most of your needs. There might be cases that you do not like one or more of these examples but the chances are high that you will like them. You can ask us why are we so confident? Well, we had to be because we researched almost the whole digital market around the plane to come up with 12 interesting and suitable solutions that we can easily say are the best outdoor basketball shoes.

Before we get into the list of the best outdoor basketball shoes, let’s just focus on a few points of

how to choose the best outdoor basketball shoes for your needs?

The first task is to know about your playing needs. The different need will result in different types of basketball shoes. If you are a power player then you will need a certain type of shoe where on the other hand, if you are a defensive or an offensive player, you will need another type of shoe. You have to keep it in mind while doing the research to be on the safe side.

The second task is to choose the perfect ankle height. Ankle height is really important because this is one part of your leg which will constantly be in touch with the ground and will be used heavily during the game. If the ankle is not built and used properly, there is no value of the shoe and that is why make sure that the ankle height is just perfect.

The next task is to make sure that you are getting a perfect size and perfect width for your shoe. This is something very common which we always check no matter whether we are going for the best outdoor basketball shoes or a simple runner. Though the process is a lot similar, you will have to provide this task importance too. If the size is not right for some reason, you will never be able to run properly with the shoe. If the width is not perfect, you will feel the tightening scenario inside and to the borders of your leg which is painful. To make sure that these do not happen, always choose the perfect shoe in terms of width and height.

Are you done selecting the best outdoor basketball shoes? Oh boy, you are not! You have to make sure that you are testing each and every shoe manually before you finalize the decision. If you are buying shoes online, you will not be able to check them manually and that is why you will need to measure the sizes properly. We have seen a lot of cases where the shoe was not up to the mark because the size meant different things in different countries. You have to make sure that this same thing does not happen with you and that is why always be careful with manual checking when it comes to size.

The last task before you take that purchase decision is to check the quality and the price overall. You have to be very careful in this step as you will compare the price and the quality here. Use your own imagination and try to validate the price along with the quality logically. If you think that the price and the quality are not matching in any sense, the best idea is to ignore that product. Consider the brand value of that product while buying, try to have a look at the previous customer feedbacks if possible and most importantly, try to guess or assess that whether the customer service is good or not. We understand that these are a lot to ask when we are talking about shoes but these will make sure that you do not have to suffer in the long run.

Now that you have read enough about selecting, valuing and mass deciding the basketball shoes, it is the time that we move towards the top 11 shoes that we picked for you.

Please look up our 11 best outdoor basketball shoes in down:

1. Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes

best outdoor basketball shoes


We all know about the power and the validity that the brand Under Armour brings to the table. If you are going for an Under Armour shoe, there is almost nothing to worry about in most cases and the scenario is pretty much the same here too. If you are going to pick an Under Armour shoe for your basketball needs, make sure that the shoe is elegant because you are going to pay a high price for the brand value. This shoe has everything that you need in a shoe. This rubber and the synthetic combination will surely satisfy you.

Introducing Under Armour Brands:

==> Since September 25, 1996 in Washington D.C

==>Founder name Kevin Plank. The plus point he is a Football & Basketball Player. So he understood players foot demand and others need for the foot-based game and physical activities.


Product Pros:

  • 1.Synthetic and rubber sole which is created a fraction in the basketball court.
  • 2.3D molded tongue custom forms give grip your foot and ankle for an enhanced improved fit.
  • 3. Cushioning midsole eats up presser which is created on your feet when you will play.

Product Cons:

  • 1. If you are flat-footed men then you should concentrate your shoe size.

2. Nike Lebron Soldier XI Men’s Basketball Shoes


The zoom technology is in Nike Lebron Soldier XI Mens Basketball shoe heel. So this shoe is very responsive for your arch when you play basketball. Its give you a strong protection for your heel. Many reviews deposited in Amazon review box from much best basketball player.

Some users admire the meshwork in upper because of unshaken airflow it gives you. Any size present in this model when choosing this shoe. It is most attractive for laceless design in a large number of the user. They say it easy to wear in feet and save playing time.

Its insole is rich and cushy. This is the eleventh version of the famous training shoe that Nike comes up with. Training is a mandatory part of any sports and you need to ensure that you are having the perfectly possible training with the best possible pieces of equipment. This is one of those equipment which will keep you happy and satisfied. The price starts from a good point which is definitely a plus as Nike products are generally priced very high. There are sizes available for every type of feet and as this is a global brand, the chance is very less that you will find trouble with sizes.

Introducing Nike Brands: Just search in google. I hope You will discover a giant in the shoe industry in the hole world.

Product Pros: 

  • 1.Synthetic and imported
  • 2.Shaft measures approximately high top” from arch.
  • 3.Available any size

Product Cons:

  • 1.”The ankle strap is unnecessary” a couple of users said.

3.Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D 8 (Gs) Basketball Shoe

best outdoor basketball shoe 003


Find your young Olympian kids looking and feeling fresh in every basketball court with this shoe. Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D 8 (Gs) Basketball Shoe is special for its midfoot hoop & lock step ensure for your kiddo zips down in court. Its save your baby from foot wrench.

If you are looking for something that is very sporty to look and that comes with heavy comfort and design for little kids(4-8 years), you are at the exact place as this is the product that you need. This mesh shoe is made with a rubber sole and gives your little runner great traction on his/her feet. The whole running experience will be amazing while your kids will run using this shoe. The responsive cushioning makes sure that your little kids do not have to go through the trouble of adding up a separate cushion to give comfort to your little young feet. The shoe is one of the most comfortable ones that you can find around for your tender age son/daughter.

Product Pros: 

    • Leather upper delivers durable support
    • Midfoot strap locks down a secure fit
    • Foam midsole adds cushioned comfort
    • Thin rubber outsole adds traction
  • Brand : Nike
    • Country of Origin : Imported
    • Style : 881941

Product Cons:

  • This shoe just for kids (age 4 to 8)

4.Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Mid 07 Trainers

Best outdoor Basketball Shoes


Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Mid 07 Trainers has a weird combination of being a school shoe in terms of look and being a very quality basketball shoe in terms of the feature and attitude. The shoe is made of leather and synthetic. The combination of leather and synthetic materials is a signature thing for the brand Nike and almost all of their best brands have this combo in them. The toe area is too perfect and there is no reason that your feet will not be satisfied being in touch with this best possible model. You can easily go for this Nike classic model.

5.Nike Men’s Zoom Hyperfuse 2013Best outdoor basketball shoes


This is a 2013 model that you can see from the title. The company Nike did not try to hide the fact that this is an old model and they are even using the model name inside the main name of the product in everywhere. Anyway, the shoe is made of a hyper fuse and it is considered as one of the best basketball shoe category worldwide (we are talking about the Zoom category). The rubber sole and the lightweight nature of the stroller will definitely make you satisfied. You can easily depend on these shoes for any of your needs.

6. Jordan SC 3 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Best outdoor basketball shoes


Jordan is a sleek brand in the world of Basketball Shoes and their SC 3 is one of the best things that you can go for when it comes to buying basketball shoes. There are a number of sizes available for all types of people and their survey showed that more than 86% of people were satisfied with the size they ordered. This shows that unless something very odd happens, you will always be able to get the perfect shoe in terms of size and color for your needs.

7. Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 1

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes


If you are into previous models and previous designs then there is no reason that why you will not fall for the model of Nike named as the Jordan Men’s air. This was the first version of Jordan that came into the market and currently, it is being considered as a rear piece. The product has only four colors to offer these days which is pretty sad but if you are into vintage collections then there is a high chance that you will grab all four of them. You do not have to buy these shoes if you do not like them but they always deserve your attention.

8. Nike Men’s Lebron XII Basketball Shoe

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes


There are people who always look for those pricey options and unique outcomes. If you are one of them then you can go for the Lebron XII basketball shoe which is one hell of a unique piece among all of the basketball shoes. This synthetically made shoe was considered one of the top five best shoes when it was released. The technology and the built quality are so good that you will not even feel that you are wearing a shoe while running.

9. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes


If you are a core Nike fan then you will love the Air Visi Pro shoe which is specially designed for funky people who play basketball. The rubber sole is obviously there which makes the shoe fast and sleek. This is not a unique part because most of the Nike shoes have rubber based shoes. The interesting part is the double-lasted forefoot which will guaranty you more and more stability. Stability is something that everyone needs in a basketball field, isn’t it? Well, now you have the shoe which will provide you with extra balance.

10. Under Armour Men’s Drive

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes


Did you hear about this promising brand named under armour? Well, the name might sound a bit funny and interesting but their product is exactly opposite of that. The products are made with such care and ruggedness that you will fall in love with any of these products without even knowing what you are doing. Therefore, make sure that you are careful. This Clutch Fit shoe comes in every size and 84% of people reported that they are happy with the size which is a standard percentage. The shoes are funky and interesting to wear.

11. Nike Hyperdunk 2014

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes


The last one in our list is the Hyperdunk from Nike. This is a 2014 model but people are still buying them like hotcakes. There are many colors available obviously with a ton of size options. They are great in terms of lightweight and balance. These shoes do not offer you a lot but they make sure that they do whatever promised. Nike is a great brand when it comes to dealing with the best outdoor basketball shoes and they are proving its time to time. This is another example of that.

Final Thoughts for buying the best outdoor basketball shoes

Whatever model you buy from the market or from the digital stores, make sure that you are reading the previous customer feedback and you are also doing a good research in terms of price, quality, and other parts. You have to understand that these people are trying to sell their shoes no matter whether it is Nike or an unknown brand and that is why they will always tell you the positives about their brands and items. Find out the negatives too if you want to be on the top side.


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  2. I see that the hyperdunk 2014 is listed but not the 2015/2016 version? Does this mean that the 2014 is much better than the latest one? Also, which one is better between the Lebron XII against the HyperDunk?

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